Sergeant Musgraves Dance - Nottingham Tram Ale

Sergeant Musgraves Dance

Nottingham Tram Ale

The first Nottingham Tram Ale was held in May 2005 shortly after the introduction of the new NET tram system in Nottingham, and was organised by Jack Daws for Sergeant Musgraves Dance and Ripley Morris Men. They were also joined by Everards Original Anstey Morrismen. Jack has sinced moved up North, but Sergeant Musgraves have taken on the responsibility of continuing what has now become a traditional annual event and a regular part of the calendar. The original idea was a series of dance spots at various pubs that happen to be located close to the tram stops, and we still follow this same basic formula. In the first year we travelled the whole length of the original tram line from Nottingham to Hucknell taking in 12 pubs in 8 hours. We now limit it to a slightly more manageble 6 or 7 pubs. For 2016 for the first time we tried out the new Tram line and included the delights of Beeston.

The 2018 tram ale unfortunately had to be cancelled due to injuries.